Activities for the International Friendship Day (2022)

The 30th of July marks the International Day of Friendship. We have a collection of friendship activities for kids that would be perfect for celebrating this day with your students.

The Cutest Friendship Activities for Kids

Create a Garden of Friendship Flowers

There are so many ways you can use this friendship flower template. The students cut out their flowers and write a characteristic of a good friend on each petal. Students fold their petals along the dotted lines after coloring their flowers.

Make a Garden of Friendship display or attach each paper flower to a stick and push it into the ground to create an outdoor friendship garden!

Recipe for Friendship Activity

This recipe for an activity that promotes friendship is another fun way to discuss social skills.

It is possible to form the ingredients of a good friend from their characteristics. Then you may want to ask your students how a good friendship looks, and ask them to describe a good friendship in their recipe instructions.

You can customize this ready-made friendship day poster using the template included below.

Get the Scoop on Friendship!

Is there anyone who doesn’t like ice cream? Students write three different characteristics of a good friend onto each of the three scoops of ice cream in this Friendship Day classroom activity.

Make the perfect friendship ice cream cone by coloring, cutting, and gluing the pieces together. Display the poster included in the downloadable file in a classroom display themed around friendship.

The Perfect Kindness Activities

Another great activity you could do with your students is to talk about how important it is to be kind to our friends. Here are some random acts of kindness activities you might like to try – Spread Kindness in Your Classroom | Random Acts of Kindness Activities. Create a unique rock garden for your classroom, which is one of my favorites. how many grams in a kilo

Friendship Activities for Every Day of the Year

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You don’t have to wait for Friendship Day to engage your class in conversations and activities about friendship. We have an extraordinary assortment of showing assets you can use to show interactive abilities, investigating the qualities, ways of behaving, and activities that influence everyone around us in sure ways.