Charge Your Electric Vehicle Without Sweating

Mother Earth has cherished us since the beginning of time. But what have we done for her? While developing and inventing things for our convenience, we forgot what we are doing here. One of the main causes of global warming and pollution-causing diseases is these fuel-running vehicles. Now as we have developed a style of living, it is impossible to just stop using vehicles. But what we can do is use an electric vehicle instead and promote electric car charger installations.

Electric vehicles are eco-friendly and convenient. Since they do not run on fuel they do not produce harmful gases. Yes! They do not use fuel instead they run on electricity. And as we already know we get electricity from renewable sources of energy such as wind, water and the sun. Using these infinite sources of energy we are not also saving the environment but also saving our hard-earned money. Don’t you this is a good deal for the investment.

Charging an electric vehicle

When it comes to charging the electric vehicle. It is quite simple. Just like any other electric device you need to plug the charger into the socket and leave it to charge. Yes! It is as simple as that. You can find the electric vehicle charging station near you by just searching in the search engine. Manufacturers are putting more and more EV charging stations because of the high demand for electric vehicles. You can save more money by investing in a home electric vehicle charging point.

Having a personal charging point

Having your own electric vehicle charging point is a relief. You do not have to worry about your vehicle’s battery dying. No need to rush to the charging station in the morning before you go to work. Below are a few of the many advantages of having a home-installed electric vehicle charging point. Meesho supplier panel


The electric vehicle charging point gives you time to relax while charging your vehicle. You can do your chores or something but one thing you don’t have to do with a pod point home charge is to rush to the charging station every time you are low on battery.


The prices of fuel are increasing every day. And let us face the fact, that fuel prices are increasing but our salary is the same. Not to mention the amount of pollution these vehicles make. An electric vehicle means no fuel. And we already know the electricity is much cheaper. Having a home charger means no unnecessary taxes. In addition to that home, electric vehicle chargers are a great way to earn some extra money. As all the charging points are in a network. You can either restrict your users with family or friends.

Or you can share your charging space with drivers nearby who need to charge their vehicle.


Air pollution and harm a vehicle is causing to the environment is just cruel. An electric vehicle on the other hand is dependable and allows us to enjoy the comfort and ride without feeling guilty. Having a home electric vehicle charging point means there will be no waiting. You don’t have to wait at all to charge your vehicle. You can charge the vehicle overnight and you are ready to go to work the next morning.


To keep your vehicle going the battery life is also important. At a public charging station, you won’t get time to charge your vehicle to 100%. This can affect the battery life. Be it any vehicle let it charge to the 100% before you pull the plug. Home EV charging point gives you the time to charge your vehicle fully without any interruptions.


As the modern world is developing in different areas, achieving higher and higher possibilities that one never imagined. We are failing mother earth. Our achievement, be it the invention of a vehicle or something else, is creating pollution and so many disturbances to the environment. It is causing a greenhouse effect which is leading to global warming.

The electric vehicle has made it better as it does not consume fuel and does not release any harmful gases. Moreover, renewable energies such as the sun and wind have made it much cheaper and affordable for us. With an electric vehicle home charging point, you can save money, time and the environment all at the same time. Adding a solar panel to the charging point is also an economically stable way to charge your vehicle.


More ad more people are purchasing electric vehicles these days. Those who already know how convenient having an electric vehicle charger at home is, are looking for a house with an already installed charger. This means the resell value of your property increases if you have a home EV charger. This will also bring you more potential buyers.


Since electric vehicle runs out of electricity and not fuel. It does not burn the fuel for energy and hence no emission of harmful gases. Using a public charging station means you are still making a carbon footprint because they are still not 100% green. Your personal Pod Point Home Charger provides 100% green energy.