Do Not Avoid The Most Common Things When You Buy New Tyres

One of the most vital parts of your vehicle is the tyres. They connect your car with the road surface directly. Therefore, choosing a new set of tyres is a crucial decision. Your tyres affect the overall performance of your vehicle positively or negatively. It would help if you bought the right tyres for your car to get positive effects.

Within this guide, you will get to know that appropriate car tyres Reading enhances handling, control, acceleration, and other essential aspects of car driving. On the other hand, your vehicle will struggle on the road if you do not consider the most important things before buying new tyres.

So, whenever you buy new tyres, consider the following points and make a good decision:

Tube tyres or tubeless tyres

Tube tyres come with a tube, whereas tubeless tyres have a similar inner liner structure. Tubeless tyres are an advanced category of tyres, and they are pretty popular nowadays because of their benefits.

You may talk to your tyre dealer about the features of both tyres to make a good decision.

Consider the size of tyres:

The wrong size of your tyres will negatively affect the performance of your tyres. Therefore, you have to determine the correct size of your tyres before you finally buy the set of tyres.

You may look at the sidewall of your tyres to get information about the tyre size. The sidewall of every tyre has an alphanumeric code to tell you about the size.

The first three numbers of the code represent the tread width. The following two numbers will show the percentage of the tread width about the height of the sidewall. The letter R in the code means radial construction of the tyre. The following two numbers mean the diameter of the wheel. The next two numbers show the loading capacity. You will see a letter at the last of the code, which is the speed rating.

Consider the tread pattern:

While you are sure about the size of your desired tyres, you have to look at the tread pattern.

The tread design is vital for your tyres since it holds the road surface while accelerating, turning, or stopping your vehicle. Moreover, the role of the tread pattern is essential when you drive your car on snow, water or mud.

Thus, choose your tyres with the correct tread pattern.

Mainly there are three types of tread designs:

Symmetrical tread pattern:

You will see this tread pattern commonly in passenger tyres. These tyres have a similar design on the body sides. Thus, you can rotate these tyres by changing their sides as well. These tyres are efficient in dispersing water in wet conditions.

Directional tread pattern:

In the tyre rotation practice, the car drivers use these tyres only for sure sides. Changing sides is not possible with this tread pattern. You will recognize this tread pattern with its arrow-shaped design.

Asymmetric tread pattern:

This tread pattern has a different design on the outer and inner sides. The main aim of making this pattern is to obtain proper grip and traction in both wet and dry conditions.

Features and quality of your tyre

You can ensure the excellent quality of desired tyres by looking at the following factors:

The reputation of the brand:

If you buy a branded tyre, you do not need to worry about the overall quality of the tyres. These brands are experienced players in the field, and thus, they introduce highly efficient tyres in the market. Every product of these companies is the result of extensive research. Therefore, you may rely on these tyres for good driving comfort and road safety.

While you buy new tyres, consider the following performance features:


Most drivers look for durability, and tyres are likely to face wear and tear due to their functions on varied road surfaces. Thus, you may prefer wear-resistant tyres that show a slow rate of wear and tear.

Grip and traction:

If you drive your car in unfavourable road conditions, you have to look at the road holding power of your new tyres. Tyres with improved grip will provide enhanced traction on mud, snow, water, and concrete.

Rolling resistance:

Tyres will low resistance will move on the road quickly. These tyres are more fuel-efficient. Thus, car drivers prefer these tyres to minimize the maintenance cost.

As you see, looking at different factors is vital to buying the perfect tyres Thatcham. Besides performance factors, the cost of tyres is also an essential factor. If you want to include a budget in your expectations, you may choose your ideal tyres from premium, mid-range and budget tyres.