DOs and DON’Ts for Your Trip to Birmingham

Birmingham, sometimes cutely called Brummie, is the second-largest city in the UK is should be included on your lists of musts while visiting Great Britain. This city is very multicultural and can offer lots of fine entertainment and dining options for the travel-savvy. The city is constantly renovated and updated, so even if you have been there quite a few times, you are bound to find something new and exciting once you are there. Here are some of the tips to follow to get the most from your visit.

Sort out your transport ahead of time

In Birmingham, there is a good network of public transportation. The airport in the city is small and easy to get around, so you have one less thing to worry about. If you are traveling with a family or group of friends, you might opt to hire a 7-seater in Birmingham. You could reserve a vehicle ahead of time, or hire a car in Birmingham if you change up your plans and decide that you need a ride.

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As for the public transportation, you can use the railway, coach or a car to get to the city itself, and once here, you could opt to use a bicycle, since the city is rather walking and cycling friendly. If you are not willing to risk it on the bicycle, you could choose a bus, taxi, tram, train, or even a water bus. Moreover, when planning a trip, decide on your budget and that will help you to figure out what kind of transport is the most appropriate for you.

Don’t fall into any tourist trap

Try to avoid the most tourist crowded spaces and attractions, since most often than not, they can turn out to be a disappointment, but also usually are not a good value for money. For instance, you might be tempted to go on an excursion, but keep in mind that there are walking tours organized and they normally go for the pay-as-you-feel scheme or you can tip the guide, this way you will truly get a good value for money. 

Choose the attractions wisely

You might want to check out the free concerts in Symphony Hall every Friday evening in their café-bar. If you have gone for the 7-seater van hire, you might want to include visits to nearby places, but make a point of exploring the attractions on your own, since this way you will not be rushed and you will be able to save a pretty penny.

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Set a flexible budget

Brummie is widely known as a city of 1000 trades, but it has also been gaining the reputation of a fine shopping spot. It will be difficult to resist the temptation of going on a shopping spree, so don’t be too strict on yourself, and set aside some time and funds to experience this side of the city as well.

Get adventurous

This lovely city is truly a multicultural place and was on the track to becoming a city with no ethnic majority. So if you feel like experiencing the world, this is the place to see. There is a variety of festivals, each representing different ethnicity or cultural tradition, but also there are lots of dining options and the food is absolutely scrumptious. There is a well-developed tradition of international street food and you are bound to try Balti for the real savoury taste of Asia.

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Do your proper research

Before visiting the city, make sure to go online and download the guide. You can find it in almost any language and it will help you not only to get around but also to establish the attractions that are of real interest to you in particular. Moreover, you have to remember that there is free WIFI in the city, so if you use phone apps, you will easily find your way and get to your desired destination. Keep in mind that the city centre is small, so even if you have a vehicle, it might be more convenient to explore it on foot.

All in all, you are going to enjoy the true British spirit of Birmingham and you will be pleasantly surprised by the international feel of the city. It does offer the best of both worlds, so you will have the best of times on your vacation.