Everything You Need to Know About: Navagraha Puja

Astrology relies on nine heavenly bodies for its calculations. The celestial bodies of the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are all considered holy. This is everything that is on your birth chart. These nine planets govern our karma and our future. This necessitates the need to remedy any detrimental consequences that these bodies may have had on your life. The horoscope is based on the fact that these planets influence our lives, and this is how it is predicted. Their position changes from time to time, and so does your life. Both good and bad things might come from them. An anti-malefic effect is achieved by completing the navagraha puja.

What is the purpose of the Navgrah Shanti Pooja?

Negative energy and malefic effects from the planets may make life tough. When it comes to obstructing your life, planets may be really dangerous. It may hurt your emotional, bodily, and financial well-being. Your planets rule your time when you feel like things aren’t going as you’d want.

To alleviate the impacts on the planets, use this navagraha puja vidhanam. Vedic mantras are chanted to pray to the planets spiritually. Expert astrologers adhere to a set of principles put forth in astrology to alleviate the negative effects on the planet.

Poojas with the significance of Nav Grah

To be successful in life, everyone wants to do well. Health and wealth are important to them. In addition, this is very dependent on external variables. Those issues, barriers, and delays that you’ve encountered in your employment at the workplace. This scenario seems to be unjust, particularly because you have worked so hard to get them. The truth is, you know that the issue is not with you. There’s also something out of your hands. A remedy for healing planet-related injury may come in handy here.

The advantages of Nav Grah Pooja.

Make your life more fascinating and rewarding with it. All negative influences will go away, and you’ll be able to enjoy life to the fullest. You’ll begin to enjoy life and maintain a healthy weight.

Performing this Pooja will bring you good fortune and success.

Your horoscope predicts that it will protect you from negative energy.

This Pooja might genuinely calm you down if you’ve been experiencing a lot of stress in your life.

When you spiritually pray to the planets, you will have a good view of life. They will shower you with their good fortune.

Positive outcomes will follow Pooja’s conclusion. You’ll be cured of any illnesses.

The state of your finances will improve.

Using this Pooja, you may alleviate all of your horoscope’s doshas.

People’s horoscopes may include planets in negative positions. The treatments for each one will be unique. Because of that, this Pooja will also assist you to fight back against the unfavorable planetary impacts.

Nav Grah Pooja is a wonderful tool for enhancing one’s well-being and enhancing one’s sense of well-being.

Success in your professional life is also in the cards for you.


If you want to plan out your life ahead of time, then astrology is essential. Because being aware of potential roadblocks might motivate you to overcome them. Expert astrologers can help you achieve prosperity, tranquility, quiet, and pleasure in your personal life. Pujas like navgrah, thila homam in rameswaram in tamil, etc would heal all your difficulties. And you will not have to deal with your doshas individually.