Must-Have Features of a Hybrid Event Platform

The phrase “hybrid event” must have crossed your mind at least once daily. These gatherings are the ideal fusion of physical and digital platforms that enable people to reach a larger audience with their material. I suppose that at some point in our lives, we have all participated in at least one online event. And there is no doubt that at some point, we must have gone to a physical event. A hybrid event simply combines the two of these things. It enables the speakers to gather physically at a spot and provide their users with virtual services via digital platforms.

There is no doubt that the epidemic has greatly increased interest in hybrid occurrences. Over the recent months, there has been a noticeable trend in these events. These interactive workshops are more interesting and cost-effective. A survey found that 75% of people are more willing to participate in hybrid activities than in physical ones. Having said that, let’s not forget that choosing hybrid events virtually requires consideration of a number of crucial factors. We have carefully compiled a list of 10 crucial features in this article that you should keep in mind if you decide to host a hybrid event on every platform. So let’s get right to unravelling these crucial aspects of hybrid events without spending any more time.


Any hybrid event should provide users with a feedback option. This enables people to converse about their experiences. Any organization can benefit from this knowledge since it might be useful in implementing remedial measures. Hybrid events can gradually improve their effectiveness and address their weak aspects with the use of feedback forms. Additionally, giving each and every person tom roland who watches a hybrid event a feedback form makes them feel acknowledged. It helps the participants understand their significance and how their viewpoints have the power to alter an organization’s whole outlook.

Features of Networking and Engagement

Events that are hybrid must have unique networking and engagement components. These characteristics significantly improve the overall engagement of these kinds of events. For your convenience, we’ve included some of the functions below:

1. Discussion with Q&A Sessions

Hybrid events, as previously said, combine both real-world and virtual events. The speakers at this kind of event are linked together on a physical platform, which will then be made available to all audiences via digital media. As a result, there will undoubtedly be plenty of questions on people’s minds. Therefore, a question-and-answer session is the best course of action in this circumstance. A hybrid event should have Q&A sessions at regular intervals.

2. Live Chat

Any hybrid event must offer live chat as a feature. All speakers and participants can communicate with one another thanks to this capability. Individuals can communicate with the speaker in real time thanks to specific features like live sound – visual possibilities. The viewers can directly dispel their worries with the aid of these immersive aspects, which is undeniably highly advantageous. This feature enables people to individually resolve their issues with the assistance of the speakers’ qualified advice. As a result, ensure that live chat, audio, and video options are available for your hybrid event.

3. Live Polling

One such element that increases audience participation is live polling. A hybrid event unquestionably becomes much more immersive when interactive elements like live polling are incorporated. People are able to vote based on their personal experiences. This enables the company to easily gain clarity and assess many areas. It not only presents the viewpoint of the audience but also enables people to engage in crucial activities.

Customized Environment & Experience

A hybrid event must provide the option to modify the interface on-demand. Individual changes may differ from one another. Organizations can hold events that are completely customizable thanks to the 3D Matrix. These occasions have distinctive elements including exhibition halls, a lobby, a reception, and much more.
Additionally, each feature of these spaces can be modified to meet the needs of the client. As a result, be sure to search for hybrid events whose user interfaces allow customization.

Authentic Analytics

Analytics are crucial in establishing the information that is required for a hybrid event. Organizations can use this feature to determine which of their activities are most and least admired by their audience. It enables them to look at the characteristics people loved most and which they found to be the least appealing. This then enables them to take the necessary actions down the road.


An essential element that a hybrid event should include is attendee footprinting. This makes it easier for an organization to monitor the audience’s footprints. This essentially implies keeping tabs on the direction that a person chooses to go. One could, for instance, approach the reception, go toward the exhibition, and then proceed to the Auditorium. Similar to this, countless people will have multiple directions and will select various pathways based on their instincts. Organizations can analyze which areas get the most visitors and what potential changes might occur in the areas that get the least visitors by keeping track of this data.

Engagement Wall

This dynamic wall displays all tweets as well as every relevant hashtag related to a company’s social media handle. By including a feature like this, hybrid events gain a more positive atmosphere overall and provide viewers with a fully immersive experience. These social media walls display all the insightful comments from users all over the world.

Simple to Navigate Venue

A hybrid event combines both real-world and digital components. Therefore, it is undeniable it has a digital lobby created specifically for users. The audience must be able to easily understand this area and all the supplementary services. Therefore, ensure that the hybrid event has simple navigation to accommodate all interested parties. This might be characterized as a distinct area set aside for connecting in a visual setting. It offers an immersive atmosphere and real-time networking opportunities for viewers. This feature can be completely customized to meet the needs of the users.


The ideal fusion of virtual and physical events is hybrid events. The fundamental idea behind such hybrid events is to incorporate a virtual component with in-person living sessions to make it more approachable to a wider audience.

In this kind of event, a number of people are physically present, but the majority of the public is represented by a digital service thanks to a specially created link. It is important to consider the many benefits that hybrid events have to offer before choosing one.