How to become a hot air balloon pilot

There are many misconceptions about hot air ballooning, and that is why it can be scary to some people. This blog post will debunk the myths about ballooning and walk through how safe and not-scary hot air balloons really are! We’ll also go over what you should know before flying in a hot air balloon.
Well, it takes a lot of preparation. You’ll first have to take courses in meteorology, aeronautics, and navigation from a flight instructor. After that, you’ll need to pass a written FAA certification exam and take an FAA practical test. Today, we’ll break down what it takes to become a hot air balloon pilot.
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Do you want to fly for fun or possibly start a balloon flying career?

The sky is the limit for what you can do with a hot air balloon! You could fly solo, take friends and family on an adventure, or compete in ballooning competitions. Or maybe this is a future career path – making money by flying guests in exchange for payment. What will you choose?

Most people get into hot air ballooning because it is a ton of fun, and they love the feeling of flying in a balloon. You also don’t have to become a pilot to get involved in ballooning. You can also become part of a hot air balloon crew. Being part of a hot air balloon crew means you’ll help with the setup and takedown of the balloon and be responsible for chasing it from a vehicle! It’s a ton of fun. Picuki

You need to make sure you have the time and money for your hot air balloon pilot’s license. There are multiple ways to do it from any budget. We’ll run through the requirements for getting your lighter than are or LTA pilots license.

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