I Can’t Configure TP Link AC1200 Extender. What to do?

“I have TP Link AC1200 extender, but I can’t configure it. I have tried each and every step to perform the TP Link AC1200 setup, but nothing worked. What to do? How can I configure my TP Link WiFi extender?”

This is the query asked by every TP Link extender user across the globe. If you are here with the same query as well, then consider yourself lucky because you have reached the right post. Here, you will get to know everything that will help you to perform and complete the TP Link extender setup process with great ease. Please read on!

TP Link AC1200 Setup

Do you know what I did? I thought the extender is just a plug and play device, but I was wrong. It needs a proper configuration then only you can play with it.

I was so excited that I haven’t paid attention to basic things. That is why I have faced a lot of issues while configuring the TP Link AC1200 extender. Yes, I too have the same device of the same model.

So, what I did to configure my range extender, I will share each and every detail with you. If you agree to go with us, please keep scrolling down!

Here are the instructions to configure your TP Link WiFi extender: fix my speaker

Step 1: When I plugged in my extender, I haven’t waited for the LEDs on it to get stable. I was so excited. Due to this, I was getting TP Link AC1200 setup issues again and again. After a lot of understanding, I decided to wait for them to get stable.

It took time, but I finally reached step 2. So, if you don’t want to wait or don’t want the same to happen with you, please wait for the LEDs on your range extender. Let them become stable.

Step 2: In the beginning, I didn’t know that there is a need to connect my range extender with my existing router. Did you know? Please let us know via comments.

But, talking about me, I haven’t connected my extender and router. I searched for the same on Google, but nothing worked. After exploring hundreds of websites, I got one. Over there, it was written the same, i.e. connect your extender and router using an Ethernet cable. As a result, I took one more successful step toward the TP Link extender setup process.

Step 3: After connecting my devices, don’t you want to know what I did? If you want to know, then only you will be able to complete the process, right?

I turned on a desktop! Which one do you have? Please share!

Step 4: After turning on the device, launch a web browser.

Bonus tip: Please do not use an outdated web browser. Further in this article, you will get to know the reason behind the same.

Step 5: Have you updated the browser? If not, update it right away.

Step 6: Enter in the address bar.

Note: There are chances that the web address will not work for you. I too have faced the same issue! Yes, you read it right! So, don’t you want to know what I did? Scroll down a little.

There were typos in the web address. So, I copied and pasted it in the browser’s URL bar. Doing so has prevented typing errors (typos) as well.

No use of the search bar because it has once redirected me to some other web page.

I updated the browser because was not working on an outdated one. Now, you have come to know the reason behind using an updated browser.

Step 7: After keeping applying the tips I shared with you above, I finally got redirected to the TP Link extender login page.

Step 8: Here, I have provided the default login details of my TP Link AC1200 range extender. Wanted to know why I have used the default TP Link extender login username and password? Because my extender is new and only after configuration, I will be able to change them.

Step 9: Thus, as per the model number of my range extender i.e. AC1200, the complete setup instructions were displayed. I followed them in exact order and here I am sharing my personal experience with you.

Following the on-screen instructions was really a piece of cake.

Please share how was your experience with going with the on-screen TP Link extender setup instructions. Were they easy?