Remedies For Children Welfare in Astrology!

Sometimes, there are numerous issues that children face in the first years of their lives. According to the field of Astrology, there are numerous remedies available to help these negative effects can be reduced or completely eliminated. By using these methods, the lives of children can be improved, and they can achieve excellent results in their careers as well as in other fields of study. In this way, They will open the door to an exciting and promising future.

Remedies for Welfare of Your children

  • In case your child’s overall health has been declining or you’re constantly concerned about their physical health and health, you can offer clothes of your gods or other Gods and Goddesses in the form of a temple. It can significantly boost the overall well-being of your child.
  • The most powerful mantras that you can find include the Gayatri Mantra. Repeating this mantra often can make your life more successful since it helps strengthen the location that you are in with your Sun. According to the legend, once the sun is strong, children will be able to enjoy a lot of positive energy, and prosperity will follow. Additionally, children will receive unconditional love and support from their fathers if they sing this mantra on a regular basis.
  • If your child suffers from trouble with their speech or isn’t able to speak properly, make sure they drink Shankh water every day. You could also opt for an individualized stone to rid them of this issue.
  • To help children who are spoiled parents can throw at least one silver ball in the river for the duration of 25 days.
  • The habit of telling lies is a typical problem that is seen in children. Copper coins are thought to be a reliable solution to keep your children from lying. Take a few copper coins, and place them in the temple.
  • If your child is not proficient in school parents must take the water out of their hands and then recite

‘Om Aan Vanyay Svaha’

21 times before asking your child to drink the water

  • This method is most effective when a child is able to recite the mantra self-consciously at least 108 times per day.
  • If you have a child who is unruly and reckless, ensure that they wear the silver bangle. This will help to improve the place that your child’s Moon the planet of your child’s birth chart or Kundali, will improve while your kid can begin to learn to behave in a disciplined manner.
  • If you feel that your child is more emotional and sensitive than usual, and doesn’t communicate easily, then you should let them drink milk from silver pots. The milk you drink in the pot of silver can neutralize the negative effects on the Moon planet.
  • Give your children sabudana to make the location of the planet Venus powerful in the birth chart. Don’t allow them to wear dirty clothes and ensure that they dress according to the event.
  • If your child is experiencing terrible dreams and is crying for no reason, then parents must ensure that they keep fit-Kari (alum) close to the child’s eyes when the child is asleep on an evening or on a Tuesday.

For any issue that your child is struggling with If you have a specific issue, consult with an Astrologer for personalized assistance and efficient solutions.