The Maintenance Of Motor Vehicles

There are many things that maintain a car, like changing the oil and rotating the tyres. A vehicle service is required when it comes to MOT and is equivalent to an annual inspection and contains the following components:

Taking care of the engine compartment

determining the current level of the brake fluid and replacing it if required

Altering any and all of your vehicle’s filters (air filter, fuel filter, and engine oil filter)

Brake pad replacement, if required (this will depend on how many kilometers you have driven in the previous year), as well as inspection of the suspension system and replacement of any worn components.

Examine each of the vehicle’s tyres to look for indications of damage or wear, as well as the pressure in each of the tyres.

MOT Examination

A Ministry of Transport (MOT) test is an assessment that ensures your vehicle satisfies the minimal legal criteria for roadworthiness. These standards are in place to protect drivers and other motorists.

Your vehicle must pass an MOT Maidstone test once per year, however, the frequency of these inspections increases with the vehicle’s age. At any moment, you may arrange an MOT test over the phone or online. You must complete this task before your certificate expires.

If you fail an MOT test because your automobile has faults that might have been remedied before the test. You can reschedule as soon as possible and pay only half the fee again. However, if they say that your vehicle has serious problems that require repairs costing more than one thousand pounds (such as the need for new tyres), then they will not re-test your vehicle until all safety issues are being resolved by a garage that is approved by The Road Safety Marker Scheme UK (RSS).

Free Checkup for the Vehicle Health

A health check is a service that you may request at any time while owning a car. A health check includes an examination of the vehicle, which includes the following components.

  • checking all of the fluids in the vehicle
  • Performing checks on the pressure and wear of the tyres
  • Searching for any indications of damage or wear on the bodywork

In the event that any problems are there, we will address them with you so that we can provide guidance on how to go forward in the most effective manner. In the majority of instances, we will advise you to do further work in order to provide your vehicle with the greatest opportunity to either keep its present condition or improve upon it further. This might include replacing worn-out belts and hoses, filters such as air filters and fuel filters, or worn-out tyres with new ones if the latter two actions are required.

A tyre shop

The Tyres of Maidstone offers a diverse selection of tyres that are suitable for use on a variety of vehicles, such as:

Winter tyres

Tires are specifically for the warmer months in addition to those that are all-season

Runflat, winter, and sports vehicle tyres are all available.

In order to provide the highest possible level of service, the skilled professionals who make up our team have been given training in the most recent techniques. Because of our cutting-edge computerized system, we are able to install your tyres in a short amount of time. It will cause you and your car as little inconvenience as possible. If you have any problems after picking up your new set of wheels at An Tyres Maidstone, we are here to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week via our emergency tyre service.


At our location in Maidstone, We provide a variety of automotive services. They include tyre shops, MOT Ttest, car maintenance, brake and clutch repair, and replacement shops. Our mechanics have done this kind of work for a long time and have received extensive training. So you can trust them to service or repair your vehicle. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible for more details on our services in Kent.