Tips to Relocate Bike and Car Together in India

Moving to a new city is exciting but moving along with your vehicles becomes challenging. In India, vehicles are registered with the government by the Regional Transport Office (RTO). Therefore, before planning a relocation of your vehicles, it is important to note a few points. 

Suppose you are planning to relocate permanently to another state with your vehicles. In that case, getting a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Regional Transport Office where your bike and your car are being registered is important. A NOC is not necessary for a temporary relocation. 

For a permanent relocation, keep the following things ready

  • RTO form 27
  • RTO form 28
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • Vehicle Insurance policy
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate 
  • NOC from Traffic Police
  • NOC from Police Station

Separate NOCs are required from both the traffic police and the police station. This is to make sure that you have no unresolved challans to pay. It is important to clear any financial obligation before changing from one RTO to another. After completing the relocation and settling in the new city, you will have to re-register your vehicle in the new RTO. 

Choose An Experienced Vehicle Relocation Company

Choosing a company that specializes in relocating Cars and Bikes together is important. Instead of specialized car-shifting services, look for companies that relocate both. This will help in cutting down on extra expenses. Search for packers and movers in HSR Layout that provide such services. 

Enclosed Trailers 

Enclosed trailers offer better protection to your vehicles. Bikes don’t need enclosed trailers but relocating your car requires it. The primary expense will be moving the vehicle in an enclosed trailer, which ensures that the bike can be securely transported within the same carrier. This keeps both vehicles in the same trailer, reducing their chance of separating.

Get Your Insurance Done 

While relocating your vehicles, make sure to go for both vehicles’ insurance. Bike owners often neglect to insure their Bikes while relocating. Insurance covers the cost of your vehicles getting lost or damaged during the relocation. With an extra fee, you can avail of this benefit. With both vehicles insured, you can easily transfer them anywhere in India hassle-free. 

IBA-Approved Packers And Movers

The Indian Banking Association recommends several verified carrier services to its staff for different relocation operations. In India, IBA-approved packers and movers in BTM Layout are available for relocating your Bike and Car. Opting for IBA-approved packers and movers services is safer because they are certified and follow professional guidelines. 

Door To Door Service

Relocation services become more challenging when vehicles are involved. Therefore, always choose services that offer door-to-door relocation. It is preferable to hire a packer and mover who will pick up your vehicles from your home and bring them to your new residence.

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Aggarwal Packers & Movers is one of India’s most reliable and trustworthy Car and Bike relocation service providers. To safely transport your vehicles is our utmost priority. Therefore, relax and free yourself from the extra stress. With an experienced relocation service provider, you will have a great relocation experience. 

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