Top 6 Fabulous Beaches of California

California is a state of contrasts that will surprise every tourist. The uninterrupted rhythm of life in San Diego or Los Angeles, the opportunity to feel like a Hollywood star. The beauty of Lake Tahoe, UNESCO sites, and the sound of waves are just some of the features of California. All od thesae attracts new visitors like a magnet. In summer, this state becomes an epicenter for lovers of active or relaxing vacations by the ocean. The beaches here are some of the best in all of America. For a comfortable trip to the different beaches of California with a large family or a group of friends, you can find cheap SUV rentals in San Diego and go on an unforgettable journey.

Top 6 California Beaches to Visit

It is very difficult to rank the most beautiful beaches in this state. Each of them is unique and fascinating in its way. Below you can read about those beaches that gather the most positive feedback from visitors.

Venice Beach, Los Angeles

This beachfront is the bustling epicenter of activity on the Pacific Ocean. For those who like peace, this place is not the best option for summer relaxation. And those who like beach tennis, volleyball, or dancing on the sand can find like-minded people on this beach. Venice Beach stands out for its cultural diversity: there are street artists, artists, musicians, and other talented people. Art people from all over the world gather here, so you can make new friends from different countries. If you want to find architectural sights, visit the concrete fishing pier in the south of the beach.

Pismo State Beach, California’s Central Coast

It’s convenient for picking up tourists because it’s located midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. If you are starting your trip close by, a rental car in San Diego will be the best solution for you. Tourists come here with different goals: some want to surf. Some want to try fresh seafood from the Pacific Ocean. Others just enjoy the tranquility and natural landscapes of the area. Rocks, dunes, high waves, and the screeching of California seagulls are a recipe for inspiration and harmony that you’ll find here.

Paradise Cove Beach, Malibu

You have to drive a big car here. So, you can find an SUV rental service before you leave for the area. The name of the beach is not chosen by chance. The golden color of the sand, the high waves of the ocean, and the sea breeze will make you feel like you are in paradise on earth. Fans of Hollywood movies, particularly Beach Blanket Bingo, The Rockford Files, and Baywatch will be interested in this place. The scenes from these and other films were filmed here. It is one of the perfect places to travel with kids.

Manhattan Beach in southwestern Los Angeles County

If you are a fan of sophisticated and expensive resorts, this place is a must-visit. Not only can you enjoy the beauty of the beach, ocean, and nature. Also you can also see some of the most expensive homes in Los Angeles. To make it a trip to remember, and learn about local traditions and culture: visit Famers Market, where local fishermen sell fresh fish and bakers offer fresh bread and pastries. If you’re traveling with family and young children, you can go with them to the AdventurePlex playground. This will help develop motor skills and inspire sports. Note that more tourists come here in July and August. So, parking and beach space are almost impossible to find at this time. So if you don’t like crowds and lines, come here in early summer or fall.

Santa Monica State Beach, west of Downtown Los Angeles

This beach is interesting for large groups of friends or families because it offers many activities. You can rent a 4×4 SUV and get here from Beverly Hills and walk to the Santa Monica pier. It has its amusement park and places for active and passive recreation. Seafood restaurants, art galleries, volleyball, tennis and yoga courts, and surfing are things to try at Santa Monica State Beach. Learn more about apk

Laguna Beach, Orange County

Books are written, movies are made and pictures are painted about this beach line. All the features of nature are mixed here: cliffs, hills, golden sand, and the sound of ocean waves. Because of the unusual beauty, there come 3 million people every year, and this figure is constantly increasing. Tourists find many advantages here: this place has a convenient location between San Diego and Los Angeles. So you can rent cars and SUV rental services. Thus you can spend your vacation in one of the most famous resorts in the world. Visitors also come to Laguna Beach to combine artistic beauty with natural beauty. There are more than 100 works of art. Lovers of ecology, this area will also be a pleasant surprise. Here are many natural parks, which protect rare species of plants and animals on the coast. Learn about Wpit18 and 6streams