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Hello dear authors; our web portal is now taking fresh write-ups related to a myriad of content categories.

If you are looking for a genuine guest posting platform to publish your article, then congrats, you hit the right page.

We, Tamerqamhiya, as a blog posting community, always allow writers to write unique content for us that can solve people’s problems.

Our portal isn’t limited to a particular category; we publish blogs in numerous categories that help us to reach more audiences.

To publish your content on our website, you need to follow certain guidelines strictly. Make sure you follow all of them to avoid rejection. 


What is guest posting, and how is it beneficial for both writer and publisher?

When a writer writes content for a website that is not owned by him without taking charge is called guest posting.

After reading the above definition, you must be wondering how it can be beneficial for writers because the content will be published on the publisher’s website.

In reality, this is not the case. There are many benefits associated to writes:

  • They get fame and recognition in the industry by writing for a reputed website.
  • Readers of the publisher’s websites will also visit the writer’s website through external linking, increasing traffic on the writer’s website.

While on the other hand, the publisher also has some benefits:

  • The publisher will get unique content that will hold its readership.
  • A larger number of guest post writers is a sign of a quality and growing website.

These were some common benefits of guest posting associated with writers and publishers.

Categories in which we accept guest posting:

Although we publish content in almost all categories, for the sake of understanding we are mentioning primary ones:

  • Technology
  • Reviews
  • Gaming
  • Current affairs
  • Global and local news
  • Politics
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Business
  • Entertainment
  • Home décor
  • Food
  • Travelling
  • Jewelry
  • Sport
  • CBC/Plant

Now you have the list of our primary content categories, make sure you read all the guidelines carefully before pitching and writing.

Our community guidelines for guest writers:

We appreciate research-based, in-depth content:

Earlier, people struggled to get desirable information on a topic because the absence of the internet required them to buy or borrow books and other physical resources to get the information.

But in today’s time, people have high-speed internet to access information at their fingertips.

However, the problem is that now everyone can upload content on the internet, leading to an excess of information available on any topic.

In case of contradiction between information about a topic, finding a reliable source of information whom you can trust becomes necessary. 

You must have understood the importance of well-researched content and why it is necessary. 

After doing research, the next step is to include the data in your content to cover all important factors related to it, i.e., it should be in-depth.

Making a post-in-depth has many benefits; it helps you rank on search engines, readers won’t need to go anywhere else to read information related to that subject, and it improves credibility.

So your content must be well-researched, and articles should be written in-depth that cover all important information about your post’s subject.

Content shall be grammatically correct:

Grammar is an integral part of any language, like Spanish, German, Hindi, English, Urdu, etc.

Having good knowledge of languages gives you an edge in your professional and personal life.

Especially in writing, having good grammar knowledge magnetizes readers towards your write-ups.

Thanks to technological advancement, it has become easier to find and correct grammar errors that we usually avoid.

We can also take help from tools to get error-free content, so there is hardly any excuse left for being grammatically incorrect.

However, these tools will only polish your write-ups; you shall also have basic knowledge of the language to use them.

Inclusion of Media is a must:

We all know the media grabs attention; this isn’t a secret. We can observe numerous brands using it to gain buyers and attract new people.

In writing, the media works as a great explainer, and numerous topics can only be explained with the help of images and videos; otherwise, it becomes very hard to make people understand about them.

So, it is always better to use appropriate images, graphs, visuals, etc., in your post.

To publish your article in our web portal, you need to add a minimum of one copyright-free image relevant to the content.

We publish only unique content; it shall be plagiarism free:

Uniqueness is necessary to get your article published on our website; we require articles to be passed plagiarism tests with 100% accuracy.

We have repeatedly seen that one article hit plagiarism even if it is not copied from anywhere.

So you have to carefully check and rectify your content with the help of effective tools before sending it to us.

Avoid using spinner tools for content generation:

Using spinner tools to generate content won’t be tolerated here because it harms the website’s credibility.

Many people use them to generate content easily and publish on their own or other’s website to make sure consistency.

Spin content is hard to read and, most of the time, makes no sense; it makes content non-understandable.

About word limits and external links:

As we mentioned earlier, we publish articles in multiple categories, so it is not practical to set a particular word limit for all types of content.

However, in general, we expect guest posts to have a minimum of 1000 words, which shall be wrapped under 3000 words.

There is a limit of maximum two links in a particular guest post for external linking, which can be added to the author’s bio or in the content through hyperlinking.

How to approach and send guest blog posts to us?

The process of approaching and sending guest blog posts is very simple. First, you would be required to send us an email containing your guest post idea and other details; after that, our team will get back to you.

Once all things finalize, you can mail us your blog for publication on the same email id.

Email id: info@tamerqamhiya.com