3 Best Ways To Ship Vinyl Records Mailers In Us

Vinyl records are returning because millennials are purists, although they appear to use the most cutting-edge technology exclusively. In 2018, 16.8 million records were sold in the USA.  

According to its popularity spike, Amazon and Discogs have listed about 900,000 and 5.7 million used records from American merchants, respectively. Naturally, this also implies more ways to ship vinyl records now than ever. 

Suppose you are an online vinyl record seller. In that case, you already know that after you receive your orders, the actual job begins: safely packing your shipments following vinyl record sizes and delivering them to your customers. But how can you accomplish this while keeping your records safe and sound? 

In this regard, vinyl record mailers are an ideal choice to ship your delicate products during shipping or courier services. They are made up of cardboard, corrugated, and Kraft paper stock that assure its safety to an utmost level.

Let’s deep dive into the three best ways to ship your viny record mailers in US safety. 

Let’s investigate! 

Choose An Appropriate Box Size 

You have heard the phrase, “Measure twice, and cut once.” Accessing the appropriate size and the dimension of the box will lead you to ship your products securely.  

Most of the time, vinyl records are 10” in diameter or 12 inches; the box you choose for them should be more significant than 12 inches. So, your product has enough room to get some packaging protection.  

When we talk about the size of the box, that means its depth, width, and length. Keep in mind that getting the best vinyl record mailers with variable depth comes in handy if you want to add extra protection or send more than one record in your mailer.  

When selecting a suitable size for your box, you must work with a dependable box packaging supplier, and Half Price Packaging is an exceptional choice! Their professionals will help you to get the appropriate box size that assures product integrity.  

Go For The Right Kind Of Packaging Materials 

The box used to encase these records is a mailer, usually made to fold in some way and can be slightly thinner than a standard box. The mailing box is designed explicitly to ship the products over longer distances; in this case, our product is your vinyl records.  

A mailer box is a box with interlocking flaps and wings that don’t require glue, making quick assembly possible. The die-lines for mailer boxes have adapted many styles, and the advancement is quite reliable. 

They are termed LP record mailers or vinyl record mailers. They are available in different packaging materials, including cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated. Here are the following types of vinyl record mailers: 

Corrugated Vinyl Record Mailers 

Corrugated material excels since it is dependable and ideal for everyday usage and shipping. It is composed of two paper sheets and provides the fabric with a finished appearance. It can easily fit in with the product and is very user-friendly. These mailer boxes are best suited to ship heavy items and feature custom inserts.  

Cardboard Vinyl Record Mailers 

This packaging material is the base of the packaging industry, and other materials are just extensions of that. Cardboard vinyl record mailers come with high durability and paper thickness, which is ideal for safely shipping records to longer distances.  

This is the best material if you want to raise the status of your products and brand. It is a highly flexible material as it can adopt any printing patterns which lure your customers to your brand.  

The box can feature foam inserts that add extra security to the vinyl records. These custom boxes not only the security products but also showcase your products to your customers in an attractive way. 

Eco-Friendly Vinyl Record Mailers 

I’ve seen that presently, the majority of vendors embrace eco-friendly kraft paper, which is a significant shift in perspective. It demonstrates how we are becoming a civilized society. Eco-friendly vinyl record mailers are readily biodegradable and can ship these records with utmost security to your customer’s footsteps.  

A few customers recently ordered vinyl records, and they arrived in a special mailer box with foam inserts and custom pads on the edges. The vendor also introduced creativity in design, which pleased them as a buyer, and they may do the same for others. They felt the idea to keep the fragile products safe while keeping the packaging cost cheap was a stroke of genius. 

Bubble Wrapping Vinyl Record Mailers 

Vinyl record bubble wrapping is similar to bubble wrap for other objects. If you use bubble wrap, you must ensure the corners won’t feel vulnerable to bending. The corners of the record may flex during transit if the bubble wrap encase too firmly around it and if the record is not packaged correctly. 

Selection Of Courier Services For Safe Shipping 

When shipping these mailers to the US, there are many courier services available in the market. We have tracked down a few of the most popular: 


We think this is one of the most remarkable ways to ship vinyl record mailers because this courier can deliver your extremely precious records to your customers and gives protection. You can also assure the quickest turnaround by this courier service.  


The courier’s services comprise protection, traceability, and prompt delivery of products, and UPS has a solid reputation for domestic and international deliveries. The main drawback is that it’s frequently the most expensive choice. 


USPS is a cost-efficient and convenient mailing service that is used to ship records all around the globe securely. The drawback is that this requires one of the most time-consuming courier deliveries. 

Bottom Line 

By keeping in mind the increasing hype of these vinyl records, it’s significant that you opt for appropriate shipping methods that assure the safe delivery of these records to your customers. Selection of proper box size, dimensions, packaging material, and courier services may lead you to secure and quickest shipping of vinyl record mailers in the US.