Difference between cloud telephony and VOIP

Cloud telephony indicates different cloud based communication software solutions. It helps a business to build stronger and more seamless communication with the customers. A business can easily communicate with customers with a web interface.  Cloud technology allows a business to store their whole database to be on the cloud. It aids in quick access and data control becomes easier. With cloud technology, a host can maintain and support the services by giving the clients/customers remote access through the Internet or different subscription-based models. Cloud telephony enriches customer engagement that ensures better service delivery and thus customer satisfaction.

It is easy to set up, install, and ready to use which makes it economical. It benefits business agents as well as provides an exclusive view of data that can be easily accessed. The database offers customer information on previous conversation history and all related information. A business agent can easily gather valuable information and offer quick service to the customer. It also offers 24×7 services which benefit the customer to contact a business at any time as per their needs and requirements. With an IVR a business can record a message and enable voice mails that can be sent to customer callers who try to connect the business during non-working hours. Later an agent can contact the caller with the records from the database. It reduces the risk of losing customers and establishes brand integrity.

VoIP (Voice over IP) is a cloud based telephonic communication.   Cloud-based VoIP is easily scalable unlike traditional telephones; it offers flexibility and mobility to work. A business can add extensions, and lines and also configure them by using an online panel or dashboard. A business can also take help from the provider with it. It helps to handle call volumes and reduce call traffic as a business can keep adding more numbers and extensions as per their need. A business does not need to pay for the services that are not used for the whole year, a VoIP number can be easily scaled when a business needs it. 

Cloud-based VoIP is much more secure compared to traditional telephones because of cloud data encryption. Network security, HIPAA compliance regulations, and secure transmission of audio and videos are some of the important security features.  Unlimited calls and long-distance calling facilities are offered by many cloud-based VoIP providers. Thus, cloud based VoIP solution makes international communication easier with fewer expenses. A business can also get free calls if others also use solutions by the same provider.

          Cloud telephony and VoIP are often confused to be the same; however, the main factor that differences the both is the quality of service each one offers to the customers:

  1. Cloud technology offers advantages in scalability and maintenance without depending on hardware devices to function.  On the other hand, VoIP service is dependent on the internet speed for connection.
  2. Cloud telephony solutions have advantages compared to VoIP in terms of ownership and cost of operation. The cost of maintenance and installation is lower due to limited hardware. As it does not require human capital, it further eliminates the cost.
  3. In terms of security, cloud telephony solutions offer higher security compared to VoIP. Cloud telephony features like data encryption, network security, and voice and video security are higher which ensures valuable security to business communication and limits the risk of unauthorized access.
  4. Cloud telephony can be used even in remote locations through mobile applications with the accessibility of cloud infrastructure. This flexibility makes work from home or work while traveling easier for a business. On the other hand, in VoIP, the user has to be present in the same location as a disruption with connectivity will hamper communication.

As cloud telephony is beneficial in many ways and also offers more advantages, at times it is seen to replace VoIP services. Knowlarity is one of the demanded cloud telephony providers among various industries. A business can directly talk to the experts by using the toll free number.