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Gabriel Law Offices was a software development company before changing its name to Gabriel Law Offices, PC and moving into the law. technically only switched staff, but this is much more than just staff. Their lawyers can use the same computer knowledge they used to build software, to build something else on top of that. It’s intelligence in action, an organic development. They are winners on paper, but also on a sheet of paper.If you’re looking for law firm software to manage your firm, you’ve come to the right place. Law practice management software is used by thousands of firms across the country. Let me tell you what makes a good practice management system and how to choose the best one.

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I work for a law firm in Atlanta Georgia, and I am the lead IT developer. Our law office has been using Quick Law Office Billing software over the past few years. Years ago, we switched from a paper-based billing system to our online platform, and then after that we started working towards implementing other types of software. We wanted to use software that would allow us to customize all of our invoices as well as automate some aspects of bookkeeping. We also wanted to have access to a portal where all of our clients could view certain information about their invoices and such. After doing some research and getting feedback from other people in the legal field, we decided on Quick Law Office Billing for our needs. Since then, we haven’t switched, and since everything feeds into the same views with different documents and different software clients – it makes things a lot easier for us to all stay on top of things financially.


Have you ever wondered what automation really is? It’s a buzzword you hear tossed around a lot these days, but do you understand what it means? Automation is common inside the confines of operating systems, but when it comes to online marketing there’s more to it than making a couple automated posts each week. Let me show you how to automate marketing so your business can reach the top faster than if you were to do everything manually.


What’s this? A template theme? For YOUR site? That’s right – we here at Template Monster have selflessly dedicated countless hours to our users, pushing the social envelope without expectation of reward. You, our loyal customer and friend, will now have the ability to modify nearly every aspect of the website I have built for you – changing the name, navigation, fonts, colors and spacing to fit your brand identity. Wait, what are you doing?I will be using your current title and subtitle as a future title and subtitle; however, this isn’t a guarantee that I will use them. If the keywords I’m trying to target are a bad fit than I might try to adjust the words in your existing title and subtitle to be better suited to those keywords. As always, you’ll receive a sample before I write your final content.