How to Play FreeCell: The Ultimate Guide

If you are a solitaire player then this article is a good stopping point for you. This particular article is going to target one specific variant of solitaire which is FreeCell solitaire. 

You might be thinking that why we are only focusing n this variant and neglecting other variants then the answer is very simple.

Freecell Solitaire has higher winning odds and it is extremely interesting and enjoyable that’s why most people prioritize it. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the ultimate guide on how to play Freecell solitaire briefly so that you will have more knowledge and understanding of the gameplay. 

So without any further ado, let’s take a look at the first topic that is, 

What Is The Objective Of Freecell?

The main objective of Freecell solitaire is very similar to Klondike solitaire which is the most basic type of solitaire. This variant of solitaire is also played using 52 cards deck and one single player.  

The player has to build four columns of cards on the tableau. The main objective is to arrange all cards in those 4 columns with each having 13 cards that are set and organized in ascending order.

The card layout should start from the Ace and it should end at the king card. One suit of cards can be kept in each home cell.

How Do You Play FreeCell Step-by-Step?

Now in this topic, we will be sharing how to play Freecell solitaire step by step. Let’s have a look at them, 

Step One: Start Building Your HomeCells:

Start your gameplay with building home cells and do it as quickly as you can. Keep in mind that the base of every home cell will be Ace.

So whenever you observe an Ace move it to the right place and start building the home cell. Each suit should have its own HomeCell.

If you think you might need a card in the future, don’t place it in the foundation pile. A card cannot be moved once it has been placed in the HomeCell.

Step Two: Shift Cards in The Tableau:

The tableau piles often contain cards that are blocked behind another card while playing. If this situation occurs to you dont panic you have two options at this point either you can move the cards to the column or either you can move them to the free cells.

But you need to keep the basic rules of solitaire in mind at the time of moving the card.  

A card must be alternated between opposite colors, just like in Klondike. During the movement of cards in the tableau, the suit of the card doesn’t matter when cards are moving from one column to another.

Step Three: Use Empty Columns:

Use the empty columns at the right time. Imagine all your cards have been dealt into one column. It is then possible to move a single card from one pile to the newly empty column from another pile. Stacks of cards can sometimes be seen too. 

Step Four: Use Your FreeCells Sparingly:

Do not use your free cells without any purpose. Free cells are very important in Freecell solitaire so utilize them properly.

Your gameplay can be blocked by the cards stored in Freecell, making it impossible for you to win. You can maneuver more easily with their assistance.

When there are many empty free cells in a sequence of cards, the sequence can be extended. It will, however, be difficult to maneuver if there are one or two empty cells.

Without the ability to maneuver, you cannot play this game. Free cells should not be filled with cards unless you have no other choice.

Wrapping It All Up!

So this short guide on Freecell solitaire is going to help you alot in having a better understanding of Freecell solitaire.

But keep in mind that in order to win this variant you need to practice alot.