Here’s Everything You Need About Drawer Runners

For any home, a high-quality drawer runner is essential.

Below are some key points about three types of drawer runners. To help you choose the right one for you, you should be able to understand the differences between each type.

Bottom Fix Drawer Runners

In the bedroom and living room, bottom fix drawer runners can be found. These economical drawer runners are lightweight and can be ordered in lengths ranging from 250mm up to 605mm.

Key Notes

  • 80% expansion. This corresponds to approximately four-fifths of the drawer’s length when it’s fully opened.
  • The drawer can be easily lifted if the runners are extended or widened.
  • The drawer and its contents cannot exceed 25 KG in weight.
  • You can cover the drawer’s bottom or underside with drawer runners.
  • To make the drawers more adjustable, there are many ways to fix them.
  • The typical side sanction ranges from 12.5mm to 12.8mm.
  • Delicate/self-closing gadgets are available to fit with this style of drawer runner.
  • They come in many different colors. They are also available in many colors.
  • Anyone who is looking to purchase them should have the Bottom Fix Drawer Runners.

Metal-Sided Drawer Box

Most drawer boxes are made from metal and can be found in kitchens. It usually has two metal sides. The base and back are often made from melamine chipboard. The drawer fronts should match the specifications of the cupboard doors.

Key Notes

  • The drawer runner can be extended by an additional 80% with the same design as the bottom drawer runners.
  • As with the Bottom Drawer runners, the drawer can also be lifted and evacuated.
  • It can also hold up to 25 kg (kilograms) of drawer weight.
  • These drawer runners are available in side heights of approximately 85mm and 117mm.
  • Metal-sided steel drawer boxes include various fixing points that allow for the proper adjustment of the drawers.
  • Side sanction usually ranges between 12.5mm and 12.8mm.

Ball Bearing Drawing Runners

Ball Bearing Drawer Runners are mainly used in office furniture and shopfitting.

Key Notes

  • Ball Bearing Drawer Runners increase the drawer’s capacity by 100%.
  • The Trigger-release allows for the drawer to be pulled out by raising the trigger. This trigger can be used to prevent the drawer from being accidentally pulled out.
  • An adaptable folded steel can contain the cabinet part screws. This allows for greater tolerances when fixing. The cabinet side (drawer side) should be 12.5mm +0.5mm, or 0.2mm.
  • The weight loading of ball-bearing slides is unpredictable. Although it is not common to stack more than 45 KG (Kilograms), this is a well-known fact. This depends on a slide measuring 450mm. You can also choose from other variants that have a higher duty.
  • The fixing points of drawer and cabinet parts differ.
  • The drawer slide’s action can be described as quiet, smooth, rigid, and inflexible.
  • Ball Bearing Runners are available with self-shutting or hosed-closing devices.
  • It is critical to have all of your questions answered prior to making a purchase of ball-bearing drawer runners.