History and Profile of Pirelli Tyres. All there is to understand for You

Pirelli & Co. is a holding firm that designs, develops, manufactures, and sells tyres for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and steel cords. Consumer and Industrial are the two segments in which it operates. For automobiles, sports utility vehicles, light commercial vehicles, and motorcycles under the Consumer sector. Tyres Colindale for buses, large trucks, agricultural machines, and steel cords, the key strengthening element for radial tyres, are available. Giovanni Battista Pirelli founded the company in 1872, and it in Milan, Italy.”

“History of Pirelli”

Pirelli was founded in Milan in 1872 by Giovanni Battista Pirelli and specialized in rubber and derivative processes. Pirelli also developed scuba diving rebreathers in the past. However, Pirelli’s operations are still principally centred on manufacturing tyres and cables (for energy and telecommunications). Pirelli sold its cable sector to Goldman Sachs in 2005, and the new company was Prysmian.

Alberto Pirelli commissioned the construction of a prominent Milanese skyscraper in the 1950s in the same region where the first Pirelli factory was during the nineteenth century.

Pirelli has a long history of innovation.

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Pirelli tyres are synonymous with high-performance, speed, and racing so that no other brand can.
The famed Milan-based tyre producer Pirelli has faced the challenge of inventing a distinctive design with ever new durable, safe tyres from its starting days in 1872. They operate various research and development centres worldwide to work on tomorrow’s technology to meet all expectations.
A total of 1,400 engineers work specifically for this reason. They work nonstop to add to the Pirelli Group’s excellent patent portfolio of over 4500.

Types of Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli offers a wide range of tyres for automobiles, vans, and SUVs, divided into seasons. The tyres Search by Season feature makes it simple to locate the correct tyre. In Pirelli s selection, you may search for and find summer tyres, winter tyres, and even all-year tyres in Pirelli’s selection. The tyre catalogue into categories based on the following characteristics:

Summer tyres from Pirelli have a unique formula that ensures optimal reliability in hot weather. These tyres, in particular, provide lower rolling resistance, excellent road grip, and shorter stopping distances.

Pirelli’s winter tyres, on the other hand, have been created and manufactured using cutting-edge technology to give the driver control, stability, and safety even in the coldest months of the year. Because of the enhanced grip and traction provided by the compound used in Pirelli’s winter tyres, the risk of aquaplaning

Pirelli all-season tyres are also available, which combine some of the characteristics of summer tyres with those of winter tyres to achieve the optimum balance and a practical and functional solution.

P ZEROTM, CinturatoTM, ScorpionTM, SottozeroTM, Ice ZeroTM, and CarrierTM are the five Pirelli tyre families

The P ZEROTM family provides exceptional braking and traction even at high speeds, ideal for sports driving.

Pirelli’s CinturatoTM tyre series decreases CO2 emissions by using eco-friendly materials and lowers rolling resistance for ecologically conscious drivers.

Pirelli ScorpionTM tyres for SUVs and Crossovers provide performance and safety.

The Pirelli IceTM tyre line includes components built exclusively for frigid temperatures.

Requirement Of Choosing Right Tyre For Your Car

Each automobile has a set of tyres that are the same size. So it’s vital to choose a tyre that’s the right size for the vehicle to reduce safety problems and provide the best driving performance.

Pirelli offers a wide choice of tyres for all models and types of vehicles on the market, ideal for various driving situations in both urban and rural settings and all tyre sizes.

With the tyre size filter, you can quickly and easily identify the specific solution that best meets your requirements in just a few clicks. Select the width and profile of your tyre, as well as the diameter of the rim, to see the product data sheets of all the Pirelli summer, winter, and all-season tyres available.

You may evaluate the numerous alternatives available within Pirelli’s broad portfolio and select the best tyre for your requirements by examining the individual attributes of each tyre supplied.

Finally, once you’ve discovered the best tyre for your needs, we recommend consulting the list of Pirelli tyre stores and repair services to get the additional information and finalize your purchase.

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